The 7 Day Activation

The 7 Day Activation

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You are so incredibly potent and powerful.

Your ability to shift and change your internal reality is always within you. 

On a cellular level we carry the trauma, oppression, ridicule, pain & suffering of our ancestors.

The story that our grandmother heard to stay silent. 

The narrative and language that denotes that someone is better or less than another.

It's all programming that is ready to be replaced. Let's go, my love.

The time is now.

You will leave the experience feeling:

  • Heightened clarity around what you're wanting to manifest this year
  • A deeper level of authenticity to share with others - firmly rooted in your truth and inner knowing
  • More confident in your ability to find balance & wellness
  • Gently detoxed from physical toxins and emotional heaviness

You will achieve this by learning:

  • Specific hand placements for beginning to heal the physical body
  • Tangible practices to feel grounded, clear, and calm within minutes
  • Soothing rituals to feel connected to Source daily
  • An outline of how to commune with the lunar cycle for optimal energy, well-being and to activate our innate manifestation abilities

It's time to shift out of resistance, fear, scarcity and pain and into feeling divinely guided, compassionate, open-hearted, clear, and understanding.

This is how we create the reality that we wish to see.

If you feel the desire and the call to become certified in Reiki Level 1, this is a potent first step.  

If you already have certifications in various healing modalities, this is an amazing way to deepen your self-practice and receive for the week. I am here to hold space for your energetic rebirth, my friend. 

Join me for 7 days of magic!

Each session will be dropped directly into your inbox each morning. 

Each day differs a bit depending on what I'm teaching. Expect either an audio recording, a video or a PDF to guide you through your practices. Some days have a mix of of all three. 

Set aside 30-45 minutes to complete each day. 

The experience starts on Sunday!